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We can help you transform the way you keep in touch with your team, your suppliers and your customers. In addition, we can improve the way you control stock and logistics, deploy your manpower and market your products or services to the world.


We let you work in your familiar working environment via Microsoft Outlook 2007. Your email client will connect directly to our secured web services encrypted with 256bits SSL encryption, and then routed the destination gateway in real-time or scheduled. Also your recipient can reply back our leased virtual number, and then the message will be routed back into your Outlook 2007.


  • Send and receive SMS/MMS from your Microsoft Outlook 2007 email application
  • No 3rd party software need to be install on to your computer, using only a web address, therefore No Malware
  • No annual membership fees
  • No monthly commitments
  • Signup for FREE and receive 10 FREE message credits to try out our service
  • Your purchase messaging credits will not expire, therefore advance is safe and bulk discounts
  • 24/7 technical customer support

Proven Interface Options



Text Messaging

Utilizing Microsoft Outlook 2007 build-in messaging web service, rich user interface with text messaging preview pan.

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Rich-Media Messaging

Powerful rich multimedia messaging, with images and audio preview and build-in to your Microsoft Outlook 2007.

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Outlook Mobile Service features

  • Complete integration with Outlook

    After it is installed, Outlook Mobile Service becomes a part of Outlook, with options for mobile messages available along with the options for e-mail messages. The mobile messages that you send will be saved in your Sent Items folder, just like the e-mail messages that you send. The mobile messages that you receive will be sent to your Inbox if you want them to be, just like regular e-mail messages. You can also save mobile messages in the Drafts folder for later use.

  • Mobile text and multimedia messages sent directly from your computer

    Outlook Mobile Service helps you create text and multimedia messages on your computer. Type the message that you want, add pictures or sounds to your multimedia message if you want, and preview the message before you send it.

    NOTEMultimedia message functionality is not available to wireless service subscribers in the United States. The Outlook Mobile Service is restricted to text messages only in the United States.

  • E-mail messages, reminders, and calendar summaries forwarded to your mobile phone

    You can configure your Outlook Mobile Service account to forward e-mail messages and calendar appointments to your mobile phone when you are away from the office.

  • Both e-mail and mobile messages sent at the same time

    With Outlook Mobile Service, you can send a message to mobile phones and e-mail addresses at the same time. The message will be sent as a mobile message to the mobile phones and as an e-mail message to the e-mail addresses. There is no need to send the message twice.

  • A new mobile address book

    A mobile address book that lists information about your mobile contacts is created when you create an Outlook Mobile Service account. Contacts with mobile phone number information in your Outlook Address Book will be added to this address book automatically.

  • AutoResolve contacts

    If you enter partial names when sending a mobile message, the AutoResolve feature will search for the contacts that match your entry and complete them.



Setting up our web service on to your computer is so easy, here we will guide you on how to set it up.

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